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Food Magic – Herbal Healing through Counscious Divine Intent

Food Magic is a woman honoring series of social cooking projects which can be done by women and men alike, but harkens back to a time when women came together socially to prepare meals and enjoy a spiritual connection to the divine while creating nourishment and healing concoctions. Since this is woman honoring, we focus on the divine Goddess as existed in Matriarchal times as influencing the magical intent behind what we cook and why. It's the creation and enjoyment of food with a higher purpose!

Food Magic is also a coming together of the magical properties of all the ingredients with the herbal healing properties, and a blessing for each recipe from Z Budapest.

We make all the recipes from scratch and the ingredients are from scratch as well. For example, if a recipe calls for ketchup, we will be making that from scratch instead of just buying a bottle of ketchup. We do this because we want you to know exactly what's in your food and how it affects you magically and healthfully.

Plus, when women come together to make all their own all natural food, it is life-affirming. Culturally we women need time to nurture ourselves and each other ... and what better way to share that experience than through Food Magic!

Food Magic and Natural Herbal Healing just go together and we think you'll have A LOT OF FUN and GOOD TIMES with our creative and easy to do projects.

Why it's perfects for groups!

We work closely with women's spiritual leader Z Budapest, and she's told us that women are desiring to host women's group events in their homes, but often lack the time of preparing an activity for their friends. Many times those events never happen because the hostess is overwhelmed. That's where Food Magic comes in!

We decided to create a fully prepared series of social events that you can use right out of the box. We will provide you will everything you need, minus the ingredients.

Here's what Food Magic gives you:

  • A grocery list of all ingredients needed for each group event
  • Recipes that provide you with ingredients and detailed cooking instructions.
  • A description of magical properties for all ingredients.
  • A description of all herbal healing properties for all ingredients.
  • A CD with all the documents (recipes and grocery lists) in PDF for easy printing.
  • A DVD with videos showing you and your friends exactly how make everything.
  • Plus, Z Budapest herself giving you the blessings and spiritual intent for each recipe.
  • And your own beautiful Food Magic apron!


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Food Magick – Herbal Healing

Food Magick and Natural Herbal Healing just go together and we think you'll have a lot of fun and good times with our creative and easy to do projects.

Order Kit One Here Now!

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